The Helpful Spider

A co-worker has a fear of the spiders that were on the windows, so I made this series!

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The Spiders:

4th of July

After he's gone


Driving your car

Elvis Helpful Spider

Fantasy Trades


Gift Shopping


Guarding Lunch

Hat and Gloves

Keep warm

Tending the lawn


Safety 3rd!

Saving your seat!


Shoulder Bird



Solving that level

Gift Wrapping

Your team is #1


Stock up!

Happy Birthday!

Soak the sun!

It's a Spring Monday

Take that, Easter Bunny!

Lanes keep the road safe!

Go Hawks!

The 4th be with you, always.

It's just the helpful spider

Best wear a hat!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Ready to rock!

Locking it down

Meat sweats!

Dry your tears

Internet saboteur

Enjoy the Fall!

Holding down the waiver wire

Eat to your heart's content

Keep cozy during the winter

All hung with care!

Making sure you get the best gifts!


Helping you stay in shape!

Helping you count down the days!

Checking the job boards!

Protecting you from germs!

Sending you some love!

Celebrate Safely!

So long, Winter!

Just painting a few happy Easter Eggs!

Do it for Momma!

Be safe!

Spring weather is hectic!

Protect your peepers!

Protecting the spice!

Protect your stash!

Just wanting to be helpful!

Giving the groundhog a hint

Stay warm!

Bringing you luck!

Growing some luck this Spring!

Making sure your bike is tuned!

Just foolin!