A shark peeks out of the water wearing facepaint as a skull, surrounded by scores of Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy Destruction Shark

October 31st, 2023

About This Image:

FACT: Sharks will eat your current and past Halloween candy plunders with reckless abandon because they love them some crunchy, sweet, and gooey candy!

Skills: photoshop, cintiq, digital illustration


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Getting real spooky up in here

Halloween Designs

A selection of my most frightful designs from over the years. Pen, ink and a little bit of spooky!

A jar of jam dressed in the theme of Halloween with candy corn contents and a jack o'lantern face.

Created: October, 2018 | Role: Illustrator

The best jam for your buck this Halloween!

Captain Pancake is dressed as a vampire!

Created: September, 2018 | Role: Illustrator

Captain Pancake is in the Halloween spirit!

A donut made up of pieces of other donuts that resembles Frankensteins monster

Created: October 13th, 2018 | Role: Illustrator

Pieces of various delicious pastries brought back to life!

Crisp air and crisp leaves

Fall Series

Time to cozy up in your warm jackets blankets and pumpkin flavored things!

A log with a mustache walks by.

Created: December, 2013 | Role: Illustrator

Logs often patrol the forest in the Fall showing off their wooden mustaches!

A scarecrow shark pops out of the water to shoo away the crows.

Created: December, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

The best way to scare away crows is the apex predator of the sea!

An isolated shark dressed as a lumberjack holding an axe.

Created: August, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

An isolated version of my 'Lumberjack Shark' design.

Breaking the water surface to say hey

Sharks in Water

You didn't know this, but sharks love a lot of widely celebrated holidays and things. Check em out in this series below.

A great white shark peeks out of the water in Lake Michigan with a mustache, hat, and sunglasses.

Created: September, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

Fact: Great White Sharks love to swim up into Lake Michigan and watch Bears games.

A shark eats gingerbread houses and men.

Created: December 7th, 2020 | Role: Illustrator

Fact: Sharks have a hankering for all things gingerbread, best not get in their way.

A shark is beat up and missing teeth after a hockey game.

Created: December 10th, 2020 | Role: Illustrator

Fact: Goon sharks aren't afraid to lose some teeth (they grow back anyway).