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aka Nickv47, aka DangerHuskie, aka Volkert Design, aka Ghost-Eyed Cat, aka Volkert's Toons, the illustrator and cartoonist in Chicagoland: Nick Volkert.

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Illustration, Cartoons, and Front End Development

About Me

I'm a small town kid from Northern Illinois that made the migration from the cornfields of the Midwest to Chicago-land (and then Chicago itself) in pursuit of my passion of art and love of live music.

My background is Fine Art, and I have a BFA in Illustration and an MFA in Painting from Northern Illinois University.

Throughout my career I've worn many hats as a freelance Graphic Artist, working my way up in the freelance arena in Chicagoland as a production artist, designer, illustrator and front-end developer. Working long hours, weekends, traveling all over the Chicago suburbs taking advantage of every opportunity that came my way.

After a long journey as freelancer and full-time creative I'm currently working as a UX Designer, creating sites and applications for a variety of industries. I leverage my skills towards technology, addressing a variety of issues with creativity.

When I'm not designing user interfaces for clients, illustrating, or coding, you can see my work posted on my instagram and social media, or out enjoying the Chicago music scene, or hitting the local bike trail to jog and bike.

Please contact me at or follow me on social to request a commission or to work with me!

I'm especially interested in any illustration projects you may have!



The '10s are OVER

Best of the 2010 Decade

The top designs from a decade of work! Thank you so much for your support!

A watermelon wearing sunglasses rides a skateboard while giving the 'peace' sign.

Created: November, 2016 | Role: Illustrator

You might be cool, but are you a skating watermelon with sunglasses cool?

A wiener dog with cool Blues Brothers sunglasses, a chicago themed stocking cap, a mustache, and a suit that looks like a chicago-style hot dog.

Created: August 27th, 2010 | Role: Illustrator

No ketchup, ingredients like it was dragged through a garden, aviator sunglasses, mustache, stocking cap, it's just a little Chicago Dog!

The superhero Captain Pancake stands proud with his blue cape waving behind him.

Created: May, 2015 | Role: Illustrator


A super stack of pancakes

Captain Pancake

The most powerful breakfast buddy!

Captain Pancakes descends down from the air to join you for breakfast.

Created: November, 2016 | Role: Illustrator

Dropping in for breakfast!

Captain Pancake is dressed like a Chicago Bears Superfan, and is holding a chicago-style hot dog.

Created: December 9th, 2018 | Role: Illustrator

Captain Pancake is a huge fan of a certain football team from Chicago, by the lake, of the Midway!

Captain Pancake is celebrating your birthday while holding a present and surrounded by confetti falling down.

Created: November 26th, 2018 | Role: Illustrator

Guess which Captain Pancake loves birthday? The Captain BIRTHDAY Pancake loves birthdays! Happy birthday to one and all! Treat yourself!

Getting decked out

Skater Designs

Totaly cool sporty fruits, ghosts, pumpkins and more shredding on their skateboards!

A cool banana skates on a skateboard while showing a peace gesture.

Created: January 28th, 2019 | Role: Illustrator

The Banana Skater is the chillest banana on a skateboard you'll ever see!

An orange with green sunglasses skates on a skateboard while waving

Created: February 19th, 2019 | Role: Illustrator

Orange you glad this skating fruit stopped by to say hi?

A pear shows off a trick on a skateboard

Created: February 10th, 2019 | Role: Illustrator

A skating fruit that ap-PEAR-ently does the juiciest tricks!