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Not Happy to be here

All wood. Zero time for your drama. These logs got their own lives to lead.

A mullet stands proudly showing off his leafy and lush mullet!

Created: December 14th, 2023 | Role: Illustrator

The 80's never died in the forest, as you can clearly see with this log sporting a luscious and majestic leafy mullet! Totally gnarly bro!

A friendly log twirls his leafy mustache as a couple of his forest friends rest on his back also twirling their sweet mustaches!

Created: November 11th, 2023 | Role: Illustrator

Deep in the woods, a group of forest friends twirl their lush mustaches to the amazement of the other animals, leaves and branches!

A friendly log waves at the view with a big smile.

Created: November 7th, 2023 | Role: Illustrator

The local forest is full of wonder and amazing things, including friendly waving logs! Be sure to wave back!

A log resting on a log covered in flames, clearly not having a good day.

Created: May, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

Sometimes Logs have REALLY crummy days.

A log getting rained on, while on fair, under a thunderstorm cloud, clearly not having a good day.

Created: May, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

Can't rain all the time...except on this log...and also thunderstorm.

A log carved as a pumpkin is holding a pumpkin in his hand.

Created: December, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

October Ink of a scary Jack O'Lantern log!

A log covered in slime looks terrifying!

Created: December, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

October Ink of a slimey and scary log!

A log with a face is in a trance, possessed by fungus and mushrooms.

Created: December, 2014 | Role: Illustrator

October Ink of a scary possessed log!

A large green log dominates other small logs with an explosion of strength.

Created: September, 2015 | Role: Illustrator

Other logs = weak. This log = STRONGEST OF ALL.

A log takes a break and cools down with a popsicle log treat.

Created: August, 2016 | Role: Illustrator

A little log dude enjoying a popsicle on the hot summer day!

A little log has a next of birds resting on his head.

Created: January, 2017 | Role: Illustrator

Not all logs have bad days!

A log is unamused as someone put an axe in his head.

Created: | Role: Illustrator

This log here just starting the day on the best foot.

A log with a mustache walks by.

Created: December, 2013 | Role: Illustrator

Logs often patrol the forest in the Fall showing off their wooden mustaches!

A smiling stump surrounded by green grass that is growing a large leafy mustache.

Created: September, 2010 | Role: Illustrator

Movember sub for Threadless.

Plucked right from the blue sky1

Cloud Designs

Fluffy and thunderous cloud designs!

A happy white cloud cruises by on a skateboard while showing a peace sign gesture

Created: January 24th 2019 | Role: Illustrator

The Cloud Skater is skating on his trusty skateboard, cruizing right to Summertime fun!

A fluffy white cloud chugs a mug filled to the brim with sunshine.

Created: June 2nd, 2020 | Role: Illustrator

This white and fluffy cloud needs hearty, filled to the brim, cup of sunshine to start his day!

A gray storm cloud chews on lighning bolts.

Created: June 3rd, 2020 | Role: Illustrator

This grumpy little storm cloud in some sweet sneakers is chomping on lightning bolts and getting all charged up for a stormy night!

For all my dogs


Just a few homages to man's best friend.

A dachshund wearing a Chicago hot dog costume runs by with a lunch pail that has the Chicago skyline.

Created: November, 2017 | Role: Illustrator

Just a loyal Chicago Dog running down Lake Shore Drive to the Bears game, bringing you your lunch!

A wiener dog with hockey gear on that is in Chicago colors, with a gray mustache and also a bun with chicago-style hot dog toppings.

Created: January 1st, 2020 | Role: Illustrator

Ready to rumble at the Mad House.

A collections of dogs living in a grand dog house.

Created: May 10th, 2020 | Role: Illustrator

With Brutus the bulldog on guard, these dogs are occupants of quite the inclusive and active dog house community! Puppies are having a blast too!

Tasty round pastries

Donut Designs

Great with coffee, donuts rule.

Maple donuts always keep warm with toasty bacon print scarves!

Created: August, 2015 | Role: Illustrator

Maple donuts always keep warm with toasty bacon print scarves!

A donut with aviator sunglasses, a mustache and a Chicago city flag.

Created: April, 2016 | Role: Illustrator

Who has the best donuts? Chicago! This pastry guy hails from the city of broad shoulders, the windy city, Chicago, Illinois.

A donut in Spring with daisy toppings!

Created: September, 2016 | Role: Illustrator

Just an all natural Donut!