An astronaut in space wielding chainsaws for hands standing on the surface of the moon.

Houson / Texas Chainsaw Astronaut

February, 2010

About This Image:

The Horror of Outer Space!

Skills: pen and ink, photoshop, stylus


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Twinkle twinkle little stars in the vacuum of space

Space Designs

A few designs about the cold starry darkness that surrounds out planet.

An astronaught holding a particle that is exploding with light.

Created: July, 2012 | Role: Illustrator

Entry into the Society6 Whiteout Challenge.

An astronaut with chainsaws for arms steps over a large pile of skulls.

Created: August, 2012 | Role: Illustrator

First Threadless print! The Texas Chainsaw Astronaut steps over a moon of death.

A female astronaut floats in space and gives the view the 'hush' gesture.

Created: February, 2017 | Role: Illustrator

If you're patient, they will be revealed.

Getting decked out

Skater Designs

The Skater Series started with my Watermelon Skater piece and took off from there. Completed these as a part of October Inks 2018!

A cool banana skates on a skateboard while showing a peace gesture

Created: January 28th, 2019 | Role: Illustrator

The chillest banana on a board you'll ever see!

An orange with green sunglasses skates on a skateboard while waving

Created: February 19th, 2019 | Role: Illustrator

Orange you glad this skating fruit stopped by to say hi?

A pear shows off a trick on a skateboard

Created: February 10th, 2019 | Role: Illustrator

Apparently this fruit does the juiciest tricks!

The '10s are OVER

Best of the 2010 Decade

The top designs from a decade of work! Thank you so much for your support!

A watermelon wearing sunglasses rides a skateboard while giving the 'peace' sign.

Created: November, 2016 | Role: Illustrator

You might be cool, but are you a skating watermelon with sunglasses cool?

A wiener dog with cool Blues Brothers sunglasses, a chicago themed stocking cap, a mustache, and a suit that looks like a chicago-style hot dog.

Created: August 27th, 2010 | Role: Illustrator

No ketchup, ingredients like it was dragged through a garden, aviator sunglasses, mustache, stocking cap, it's just a little Chicago Dog!

The superhero Captain Pancake stands proud with his blue cape waving behind him.

Created: May, 2015 | Role: Illustrator