Our writer finds a taboo subject with the ladies in the wild.

The Period

September 29th, 2005

About This Comic:

The Spaghetti Dinner Bear Presents: A taboo subject.

Comic Musings:

Brayton's comic was always a challenge to draw for because he would always come up with so many things to portray visually. In this case, I had to think of a way to NOT portray thinks visually, cause I wanted to get the comic published and get paid like any other guy. So I came up with the idea of potraying the 'period' as a strange occurance in a deep jungle, showing Brayton 'Indiana Jones' style. My attitude on this one was to draw my ass off, and hope that the high level of work would allow the comic to be published (since the column managed to get by the editor). And it did.


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