A bunch of misguided college students show off their tragic fashions to the viewer.

Fashion Statements of 2005

August 25th, 2005

About This Comic:

This comic was about the sure-fire fashion statements of 2005: the popped collar, the reverse upside down visor, as well as a wish for more exposed naval on the ladies. Chris was also hoping someone would flip out and cover themselves in duct tape as a fashion statement. If you can't duct it...

Comic Musings:

I did this comic with the idea of really pushing the boundaries of past comics I did for the paper. I was a bit nervous about having a ginourmous illustration of a naval for the inaugural comic to start my run as the Weekender cartoonist, but it went over well. I also had this idea to have a reference to the 'Weekender' section in all of the comics I did (which I eventually forgot about later as school got crazier as the year progressed). Check to belt buckle to see what I mean.


weekender, the northern star, NIU, Struppendous Advice, fashion, fashion statements, duct tape, popped colllars, navals