Two roommates hold a conversation while one drifts off into a daydream about the other roommate riding a bomb to the Earth, ala DrStrangelove.

Dr Strange Roommate

September 1st, 2005

About This Comic:

Struppendous Advice: Is your dorm-appointed rommate actually a commie bastard looking to turn DeKalb into a hammer and sickle state?

Comic Musings:

I give myself props for researching Rocky IV on the tee, (the Rocky when Stallone fights Dolf Lundgren). Choice. Upon discovery of the 'halftone effect' I began using it as a background element in my comics.


weekender, the northern star, NIU, Struppendous Advice, Dr Strangelove, Comrade, Rocky and Bullwinkle, the bomb, missle, yeehaw