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Shark Week!


Various shots of my shark designs were tweeted out by Design By Humans for shark week!

View the tweet here!

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The Golden Donut as worn by Kestie


Australian actress Kestie Morassi featured "The Golden Donut" on her instagram page!

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Captain Pancake!


Captain Pancake was featured in a Redbubble Mailer.

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The Sleepy Donut


My print "The Sleepy Donut" was featured on the redbubble found section on the redubble home page!

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Party hard!


My illustration of the Andrew WK donut was featured by the artist himself on his twitter and instagram!

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My illustration of "The Pancake Bot" was featured on Paste Magazine.

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Texas Chainsaw Tee Featured!


My tee design "The Texas Chainsaw Astronaut" is featured by a Buzzfeed staffer in their video series.

The Circusbot featured on redbubble


Circusbot was featured on the "Found" section of the Redbubble home page.

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Two Coffee Designs Featured on the Redbubble Blog!


My pieces "Pumpkin Latte Bot" and "Super Coffee" were featured on the Redbubble blog!

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Off to Grandma's House


My print "Off to Grandma's house" was featured on the redbubble found section on the redubble home page!

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Zombie Shark Tank Featured on DBH!


My piece "The Zombie Shark" was featured on Design By Human's e-mail blast for shark week!

View this work on design by humans right here!

Shark Suit Dog Featured on Redbubble!


My piece "The Shark Suit Dog" was featured on redbubble's e-mail blast!

View this work on redbubble right here!

Funny Hat Shark is a funny tee on DBH!


Funny Hat Shark is featured as a funny tee in a Design By Humans mailer

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Bad Day Log featured on Redbubble!


My piece "Bad Day Log" was featured on redbubble's home page!

View this work on redbubble right here!

Happy Birthday Shark on Redbubble!


My piece "Happy birthday Shark" was featured on redbubble's home page!

View this work on redbubble right here!

Logstache Featured on Redbubble!


My design "Logstache" was featured on the redbubble home page.

View "Logstache" on redbubble right here!

Crowberus Featured on Redbubble


My piece "Crowberus" was featured on the Redbubble home page!

View this piece on redbubble here!

On the Tumblr Radar!


I woke up the morning of January 23rd to my email and phone blowing up with tumblr notifications, and here my illustration "Funny Hat Shark" was featured!

As of 06/08/14 it has 1,596 notes!

View my featured post on tumblr here!

Circusbot Poster


Circusbot was featured as a favorite poster of one of the Redbubble staffers!

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CHARACTERIZED Chicago 2013 Recap from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.


I recently took place in the live sketching event "Characterized" by Cut & Paste! Check the video and some pics from the event on their event page here.

Decked Recap

DECKED from Sam Rood on Vimeo.

Sam Rood did an amazing job capturing the "Decked" show that I created some skate deck art for. Be sure to watch it! Home Page

07/06/12 chose my piece "The Polka Dot" as a featured piece for their daily showcase.

Pick up "The Polka Dot" here.

Redbubble Home Page

06/12/12 chose my piece "Cloud City" as a home page piece.

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Redbubble Meetup


The friendly and amazing people at took me out Tuesday (6/5/12) for a great dinner here in Chicago and to discuss their site.

They were also gracious enough to print my works on some sample items (pictured above).

I want to thank them again for showing me a nice night on the town!

Read the blog on their site.

Check out my store.

Thrillist Feature


I was a featured artist on the site

Check out the writeup here.

Chicago Dog Bus Benches


Here's a couple pics of the bus bench ads by The Alley of my "Chicago Dog" shown throughout Chicago.

Thanks to Alex D Trejo for the pics.

Pick up "The Chicago Dog" here.

Redbubble Home Page

01/02/12 chose my piece "Circusbot" as a home page piece.

Pick up "Circusbot" here.

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Fine Design Dine and Wine


The pieces I had hanging at 2Sparrows are show and mentioned in a write up about the restaurant on

Check out the writeup here.

Society6 Printing Process - Lumbermancer Tee

Society6 Stretched Canvas - a day in the life from Justin Wills on Vimeo.

See the behind the scenes action of Society6, and keep an eye out for my "Lumbermancer" tee on the green tee.

Pick up your own Lumbermancer Tee here.