The Monday Comic

Just a little weekly comic celebrating everyone's least favorite day of the week.

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We're keeping an eye on you, 2017!

So cold.

Da worsts.

A days wasted.

That feeling when...


Anything above 34 degrees is basically t-shirt weather.

The saddest.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

May your fingers stay warms to keep you employed.

Is that a White Sox calender entry I spy?

Daffodils DGAF.

The Dark Side of the Spring.


It's not the 4th yet. Chill.

Been a while, aye?

I just wanted a donut!

Bit toasty out.

Halloween on the brain.

I'm ready.

Getting in the spirit.

Refrencing the crazy 2017 WS.

RIP little chapstick.

Eleven Eleven.

Getting all hopped up on the spice.

Current Status.

Sorry little leftovers!

The craving is real.

Ah yes, HOTH.

What do you mean Mr Groundhog?!

Ever forgot how to pants?

Just a little Midwestern Wind.

Just pretend!

Skunks always let you know what's up.

Yes, it was that cold.

Whole lotta nope.