Check out a variety of personal passion projects I've created in my off hours pursuing fine art, cartooning and joke writing.

All works are original.

Monday Comics

Just a weekly comic I started celebrating everyone's least favorite day of the week.

Keeping tabs on 2017

Monday comic hoping 2017 isn't as horrible as the previous year.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.

Split Knuckles

Monday Comic about cold weather hands.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.


Monday Comic about your team being Da Worst.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.

Dear Future Girlfriend

Another weekly comic that started as a series of smart ass facebook posts and grew into a comic!


Dear Future Girlfriend: Hopefully you were raised by cool bears.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.

All Day Breakfast

Dear Future Girlfriend: It's Labor Day. Let's eat breakfast ALL. DAY.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.

Holiday Commute

Dear Future Girlfriend: You'll keep me in sweets.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.

Helpful Spider

Helpful Spider started as a smart-assed post-it note cartoons for a co-worker who was afraid of the ginormous spiders that hung out outside the office windows. So I did a positive spin on it, and made it into an ongoing comic!

Your team is #1

It's just the helpful spider

Enjoy the Fall!

The Thursday Treat

A sporadic four to more frame random topic comic dropping on Thursdays!


Ruffy finds himself in a winter adventure!

Read The Comic Here

Foggy Glasses

Foggy Glasses in the cold are the worst, especially when you're tired of Winter

Read The Comic Here


Friends come in all shapes and sizes!

Read The Comic Here

Weekender Comics

These comics are older then Christ's sandles, but still good pieces from my college days at the Northern Star.

Student Tidal Wave

Weekender comic about the flood of Freshman overcoming the older classmen.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.

Canadian Geese

Weekender comic about the seasonal influx of Canadian Geese being full of disease.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.

Holiday Sodas

Weekender comic about the seasonal soda sampler.

Role: Designer, Illustrator.