Illustration Series

Various mediums, various levels of fidelity, all fun!

On my nights and weekends I pursue a variety of passion projects that are usually month long illustration series. You can see work that is both vector, hand drawn with pen and ink, and digitally created.


The Skater Series started with my Watermelon Skater piece and took off from there. Completed these as a part of Inktober 2018!

"The Ghost Skater"

Created: January 2019

Is the ghost skater riding his deck? Or Doing a sweet trick?

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"Watermelon Slice Skater"

Created: January 2019

This Watermelon Slice is skating right into summer!

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"The Banana Skater"

Created: January 2019

The chillest banana on a board you'll ever see!

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Captain Pancake

The most powerful Breakfast Buddy of all!

"Cupid Cakes"

Created: February 2019

Captain Pancake is ready to fill someone's heart with love!

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"Captain Birthday Pancake"

Created: November 2018

The Cap loves birthdays! Happy birthday!

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"Captain Snowcake"

Created: December 2018

My character Captain Pancake is all decked out for the Holidays as Captain Snowcake!

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Sharks in Water

You didn't know this, but sharks love a lot of widely celebrated holidays and things. Check em out in this series below.

"Funny Hat Shark"

December 2013

Fact: Some sharks love SNL Celebrity Jeopardy!

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"The Dad Shark"

Created: July 2015

Dad shark thinks you should ask your mother.

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"Valentine's Day Shark"

Created: February 2015

Fact: Sharks love Valentine's Day.

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Sharks in the Wild

"The Lumberjack Shark"

January 2013

Save our forests from the destruction of LumberJack Sharks!

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"The Clown Shark"

July 2015

A part of my "Sharks in the Wild" Series

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"The Lucky Shark"

May 2015

A part of my "Sharks in the Wild" Series

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Sweet Jams

A few sweet jams for your entertainment!

"Witch Jam"

Created: October 2017

The Witch Jam takes flight to cast potions and spread fright!

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"Fall Jam"

Created: September 2017

Fall Jam: Best enjoyed during brisk weather!

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"The Cosmic Jam"

Created: September 2017

FACT: The universe began when the jar that contained it decided to joy ride on a comet, and the cosmic contents leaked out.

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March of the Donuts 2015

Valentine's Day Donut

Donatello Donut



The Log series started with my "Bad Day Log" piece which then turned into sequels, an inktober run, and happy logs.

"Bad Day Log"

May 2014

Society6 and Redbubble Print

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"The Fungus Log"

December 2014

A part of my "Inktober 2014" Series

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"Good Day Log's Bird Nest"

Created: January 2017

Not all logs have bad days!

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The Cookie Wars

A co-worker and I have an ongoing argument who has the best cookie game in the area surrounding our building. The cookies are friendly exchanges during the ongoing war.

Freakout Cookie

Glasses Cookie

Gym Cookie

Inktober 2014

31 Pen and ink drawings I sketched and inked for the Inktober daily drawing challenge in October of 2014.

02: Dracula Log

07: Joker Log

09: Jason Log

Daily Robots 2013

A "Make something cool everyday" project where I drew an odd robot for a few months in 2013!

Underwear Bot

Pancake Bot

Latte Bot

Halloween Robots: 2013

Living Dead Battery Bot

Zombie Donut Bot

Pumpkin Bot