Daily Robots

My "Make Something Cool Every Day" (MSCED) project for October 2013: Halloween Robots!

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Bag of Halloween Candy Bot

Candy Corn Bots

Hockey Mask Bot

Eyeball Bot

Dracula Bot

Ghost Bot

Living Dead Battery Bot

Mummy Bot

Severed Clown Head Bot

Tombstone Bot

Severed Zombie Hand Bot

Skull Bot

Were Bot

Witch Hat Bot

Zombie Donut Bot

Pumpkin Bot

Pumpkin Spice Latte Bot

Cat's Eye Bot

Rotten Pumpkin Bot

Vampire Bot

Zombie Donut Bot II

Large GraveStone Bot

Evil Eye Bot

Evil Donut Bot

Zombie Sadwich Bot

Wee StaftPuft Marshmellow Man

Bag of Candy Bot II