Gem Game

The following project was created during my pursuit of certification at The Northwestern Coding Bootcamp.

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Gem Game

The Gem game is a project made with HTML, CSS, and JS.

The app is an exercise to get a working understanding of building a game that uses math loops that generate random values for the gems, comparing those values to the randomly generated score, tracking the score clicks, and determining if the winner won or lost using jQuery.

I pushed myself on the technology front and used an SVG sprite for the gems, that the x/y position is controlled by CSS, as well as the hover states.

I also added a small feature that the favicon changes based on rest, win or loss states of the game (You'll just have to play it to see!).

  • HTMl
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • SVG Sprites
  • Github

Role: Front End Developer/Designer/Illustrator.

View the Live Project Here.