My ambition exceeds my free time...

I'm a small town kid that slowly migrated out to the Chicago-land (and then Chicago itself) in pursuit of my passion of art and love of music.

I have a rich background and talent in fine art, my BFA in Illustration and an MFA in Painting from Northern Illinois University to prove it, and leverage my skills to address a variety of issues in my day to day with my creative solutions. Throughout my career I've worn many hats as a freelance Graphic Artist in the greater Chicago area, working my way through many opportunities as an Illustrator, a User Experience Designer, a PowerPoint Designer, a Front End Developer as well as a Production Artist.

When I'm not designing user interfaces for B2B and B2C clients, Illustrating, or Front End Developing, you can see my work posted on my instagram and social media, or out enjoying the Chicago music scene, or hitting the local gym.

Please contact me at nick@nickvolkert.com to commission or work with me! I'm especially interested in any illustration projects you may have!