Grainger Style Guide Icons

The following are the live icon library on

Icons shown by permission of Grainger. Icons and Grainger logo ©2015 WW Grainger, Inc.

Grainger StyleGuide Icons 01

Grainger StyleGuide Icons 02

Grainger StyleGuide Icons 03

Grainger Style Guide Icons

These are the current icons for the Grainger Style Guide and are currently live on With the the exception of the first two left columns on the top image and the 360 icon, I authored these icons from scratch based on business and stakeholder needs for the Grainger website. I also maintained the icon library to keep it clean and consistent amongst the designers, vector-smithed any icons I didn't create so they were welded and had less points for the svg version, and would provide updated sprites and svg icons for the Front End Development team when new icons were added. All of the icons were used on the site within a 16px x 16px dimension.

Client: Grainger

Role: Designer, Illustrator