The Cookie Wars

A co-worker and I have an ongoing argument about who has the best cookie game in the Loop of Chicago, this is a diary of our cookie war.

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The Cookies:

4th of July Cookie

Alien Cookie

Art Cookie

Au Bon Pain Cookie

Batman Cookie

Beard Cookie

Birthday Cookie

Business Cookie

Cold Cookie

Cookie Bear

Disco Cookie

Don't Need No Dip Cookie

Emo Cookie

Flash Cookie

Freakout Cookie

Glasses Cookie

Gym Cookie

Half-eaten Cookie

Happy Trails Cookie

Hockey Cookie

Jazz Cookie

Lonliest Cookie

Lumberjack Cookie

Mario Cookie

Memorial Day Cookie

Mini Cookie

Mom Cookie

Monster Cookie

Mrs Fields Cookie

Music Fest Cookie

Ninja Cookie

NYE Cookie

Overbaked Cookie

Sleepy Cookie

Snow Cookie

Soon Cookie

Stanley Cup Cookie

St Patricks Cookie

Star Wars Cookie

Sunny Cookie

Sunshine Cookie

Super Cookie


Varsity Cookie

Eddie Vedder Cookie

Waldo Cookie

Yoda Cookie