The following project was created during my pursuit of certification at The Northwestern Coding Bootcamp.

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JobCat was a group project worked on for the pursuit of a Full Stack Developer Certificate from Northwestern University

The Dashboard idea was created as a full stack app, meant to help jobseekers track the progress of their job search with the ability to add cover letters, resumes, track whom they submitted their application to, and then track the job progress.

Based the the main job they selected (we chose to stay within fields relevant to our class), the job seeker would be greeted with information about the field they chose from an API data pull with information including base salary, and open positions in their area, a job board with a few listings that expanded to a larger job board to help their search, and the ability to track the job search.

The flow of the app goes as such:

  • Login and landing.
  • Job Selection Page.
  • Initial Dashboard Page.
  • Dashboard with a job entered for tracking.
  • Isolated Job Tracking View
  • Alerts for when a user logs in again.

About The App:

  • This is a fullstack web application using MVC design, Node.js, a mysql database and a html rendering template called "Pug".
  • Our nice to have items were a login page, user accounts, and the ability to save uploaded documents.
  • The project was divided between four developers, two tasked with front end (including myself) and two with backend.
  • We had roughly two weeks to complete our idea.

My Role:

  • UX/UI Design: I used Adobe XD to create a rapid wireframe and prototype of the project so my teammates were able to start designing the Front End using Bootstrap as well as begin the design of the Databases and MVC.
  • Next I delivered a full design using Bootstrap elements to the team member tasked with the Front End Development of the project. The prototype allowed for the inspection of the design to grab colors and font sizes. I provided the CSS for the gradients
  • From there I took care of the more CSS heavy pages: Landing, Job Selection, 404, and Logout Pages where I implemented a multi-background approach for the clouds over a full browser height purple gradient and tried my hand at my first CSS animations with the rotating and rocking document icons.

Role: Designer/Front End Developer.

View the Live Project Here.