Eat Da Burger

The following project was created during my pursuit of certification at The Northwestern Coding Bootcamp.

Eat Da Burger App

Eat Da Burger

Eat Da Burger is a full stack project using Node.js, Mysql, MVC design, and Handlebars.

The app is an exercise to get a working understanding of building a full stack app that the front end and back end interact with each other. The Front End loads information from the back end using javascript and Node.js; loading items from the Mysql database, which are then populated by the user based on their burger entries.

The app then has a simple toggle that declares the burger they entered "devoured", which then moved it to the devoured burger column.

  • Node.js
  • Mysql Database
  • Javascript
  • Github
  • Heroku Deployment

Role: Full Stack Developer/Designer/Illustrator.

View the Live Project Here.